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"In honor of vine of Valjevo"

9. 12. 2009

After a successful this year vintage and the success of the current trading period, there was a traditional celebration ‘’In honor of vine of Valjevo’’. With music, good company of business associates, partners, artists, friends, and of course with top quality wine from our cellar the forthcoming of the young wine and the success of the old was celebrating…


Traditionally, as each year, also this year on the October 17th in the vineyards and at the Jelic wine cellar there was a celebration of ending of the harvest. Several dozens of business associates, friends, guests and reporters along with the hosts‘’ were celebrating, ‘’In honour of Valjevo vine’’, the forthcoming of the young wine from new vineyards and the success of the old from previous harvests.

The special attraction was the arrival of the director Emir Kusturica by helicopter who was not hiding satisfaction, and even the thrill by what he saw for the first time in one village nearby Valjevo. He said that Milijan Jelic had discovered and ‘’awaken’’ on his own something what had been forgotten and abandoned for decades. It is about ‘’the voice of soil and climate’’ that is unique in this part of Europe. Milijan Jelic just recognized that and started to produce the best quality wines of the world. ‘’This is the wine cellar where I tasted a kind of red wine and I have to admit that it was ’smashing’ good. Just as many other things from our history, the fact that this is actually a wine region was hidden just in front of our eyes. I do not know if there is a single territory in France that is more suitable for vine growing than Serbian regions. It is wonderful to see the development, from the manufacture to the serious production, of something that has quite progressed in the world, and was at halt with us. For, we belonged, allegedly, to the region where beer used to be drunk, and now the essential voice of soil, the wine, has been discovered’’, said Kusturica while visiting the winery.