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„Tri kosa“ is an Italian restaurant situated in the centre of Valjevo town, at Desanka Maksimovic square. It was opened in 2003, and for its interior the very owner is credited, Milijan Jelic.

Although initially there was just a single room, recently another one has been added, and now the restaurant’s capacity is up to 50 guests. Lower, the new hall, where old brick arched vaults and stone walls have been kept, is more intimate than the first one. The restaurant interior is decorated with wall shelves with Milijan Jelic’s wine, but as well as other good international wines. In the restaurant there is also one of the first pizza stoves in this area, which was imported from Italy.

The restaurant „Tri kosa“, which attracted the sympathies of great number of people who love delicious food and wine, is one of rare restaurants in Valjevo and the region on which menu, except pizza and pasta, there are also steaks, sea food, carpaccio and imported sorts of cheese. Nevertheless, neither are pizzas ordinary, so as a special dish distinguishes calzone with tobacco scrap and kajmak.

Vojvode Mišića 19
Valjevo - Serbia
Tel.: 014/228-124